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I freelanced with Purple Ducks Marketing to create the social content for JustPractice, a test prep startup with the mission to provide a better online solution to test prep.

At the start of the project, the company had a logo and a small start to their branding identity. By the end, we accumulated 150 organically-earned Instagram followers and reached double our social engagement goals (even without a website up to link to - which we weren't in charge of).


You've Got This
ACT book thrown in lava
Brain sweating

I created the designs, wrote the copy, facilitated the account management, and incorporated the best caption hashtags for each Instagram post.

Instagram Grid Posts

JustPractice Instagram Grid

Instagram Story Highlight

Instagram Story

Bernie Sanders photoshopped for JustPractice

First Tweet

Themed Tweet


Organic comments from strangers on TikTok

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